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Hindi Devotional Songs – Kirtans Sung With Devotion For God

bhajans praise of god

creativecommons by Kaushik Patel

Songs that are sung in God praise are called Hindi Devotional Songs or bhajans.

There are in addition kirtans, congregation chanting, sung with all devotion for God.  One may concentrate on the songs words and experiences temporary freedom of mind since this kind of songs are sung with eyes closed. Relax mind is what everybody is really searching for when listen to these songs. For people listening to bhajans can truly help, in the event one is frustrated or in a lower mood. Bhajan relaxes you and brings your body temperature or heartbeat to normal, I’m sure you heard about this. It helps you concentrate in your work and get more productive. This is the reason why a lot more youth along with adults are listening to bhajans.

Bhajans were 1st looked for in the Sama Veda, the Vedas fourth writing that are foundation of the Hindu scriptures.

Often,especially in India, people come together to sing bhajans and praise God. There is a leader, the kirtan leader, who begins and leads the bhajans while the others sing together.

This form of bhajans is made famous by medieval age devotees who are still praised nowadays, devotees like Tulisdas, Meera Bai, Kabir and Surdas. In the modern world we had Pandit Bhatkehande and Pandit Paluskar. They’ve tried to mix bhajans styles and classical music there when giving it a wider audience. Further innovative technology has come up with an option to download free songs along with last pretty old hindi songs.