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From Ringtones to Realtones: Real Songs of Real Artists

The first tune created was an ordinary monophonic ringtone with only one beep sound. After the the first tune, there came plenty of other monophonic ringtones and even real songs were composed to monophonic ringtones. The technology did not stop. Nevertheless, as some years right after the first tune, the 1st polyphonic ringtones came out.

Polyphonic ringtones happened to be a vast hype and every one who had a mobile cell phone wanted a modern one that supported polyphonic ringtones. It sounds like a real song but with no any singing, this kind of polyphonic ringtones consist of more beeps than merely one. Consequently, the drums and the piano were highly realistic. You see, right after the polyphonic ringtones the technology behind ringtones slowed down slightly. For some years lots of entrepreneurs were looking to look for very good quality ringtone sound with the least file size. Right after a while the mobile phone firms started to create and use bigger memory chips in the phones.

It proven to be feasible to have MP3 songs on your mobile phone and play them with good quality of sound. The first Realtones were born. Likewise, cause it was too risky to set up deals with record label firms to use the artists songs, the mobile phones that supported the realtones were extremely costly and virtually nobody had one. The first realtones were really called truetones.

Truetones are mp3 sounds of real things, for example like a “mowing cat” or a “cow mowing”. Ultimately more purchased a MP3 supported mobile phone as they turned out to be less pricey and then guys practically purchased these truetones. Virtually the niche-market turned out to be bigger and bigger. Nonetheless, the following subject right after the truetones were the covertones.

Covertones are real covers of existing songs. That said, it was crappy to make these since the productional costs were quite lofty and you still had to pay loads of credits to the record label firms. Considering the above said, after covertones flop the ringtone providers switched to realtones. Real songs of real artists.

creativecommons by Terry Chay

smartphones_ringtonesThe actual question is: Why did it took so long time ago, prior to the realtones came?

It is well, that is straightforward to the solution: bucks. The realtone providers had and still should make deals with record firms the following deals go deep in the $100. Right after the deal you still should pay for every realtone you sell! It is truly overpriced to legally offer the realtones. You should make deals with a bunch of record label businesses cause there’re loads of artists at exclusive entrepreneurs. So, there just was not a vast market for the realtones at first and the ringtone firms had to wait until the large crowds got in the MP3 supported mobile phones.

Notice that there’re some negative things about realtones:

    • the sound quality on your phone is all of the time not as good as the real song so you may hear a special song way on your mobile phone than when you listen to the preview.


  • Furthermore, realtones are rather costly lofty cause record deals. Realtones from time to time cost 2 times as much as a polyphonic ringtone. When you acquire a realtone online you pay more for the realtone then when you acquire the full song online!

It’s a well there’re some bright sides of realtones. The future realtones are apparently going to be a lot less steep in price as the niche-market gets bigger and bigger every week. The mobile future phones have better technology and better sound. With realtones you can make turn your mobile phone in a media machine.